CompleteConnect - Cost of Care Initiatives and MLR


“Integra has really provided a value add to our membership, particularly for
our neediest members. They’ve engaged some of our highest risk members, connect them to available healthcare services, and show our members that we truly go above and beyond telephonic care coordination. Integra has been a great brand ambassador for us and it has had a positive impact on the members that they have touched.”

Manager, Health Improvement – Community Health Plan of Washington

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health to Improve Utilization and Quality Outcomes

CompleteConnect is designed specifically to support high-cost, high need members- ‘super-utilizers’ in their own communities – members who have multiple chronic physical and behavioral health problems and have proven especially difficult to reach and engage in programs and services that can positively impact their health status, service utilization, and medical claims costs.

CompleteConnect programs address the social determinants of health to increase member engagement, improve care coordination, close critical care gaps, and improve health outcomes among a health plan’s most challenging, difficult-to-engage and underserved members.

Our field team uses Integra’s proprietary Needs & Barriers Assessment to identify social and medical barriers to improved care, and develops an individualized Service Plan to address each member’s needs and barriers. That service plan can include things like:

  • Assisting a member in scheduling and completing appointments with PCPs, specialists, labs, facilities, and other necessary health services
  • Connecting a member with plan’s case management and with social/community supports
  • Assisting a member in getting prescriptions filled/refilled
  • Arranging transportation to a member’s healthcare appointments
  • Educating a member on the importance of primary care, compliance with medical appointments and care plans
  • Connecting a member with community and social services for food access, stable housing, financial assistance, employment, child care and educational services

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